Unlimited Website Management Control Panel

Manage an Unlimited Number of Websites in one Control Panel with one log in!

This cloud based franchise business model offers one of the most amazing features to ever land in a content management system. With this cloud based franchise solution we offer the functionality to manage and maintain thousands of websites in one Control Panel. No more logging into a website one at a time, we have developed a system that will manage an unlimited number of websites in one central control panel. The days are over of logging into websites one at a time. With our cloud based franchise solution all functionality that is implemented into one website automatically gets implemented into hundreds of website at once. If a new algorithm is developed or browser update is formatted, the system automatically fixes and formats hundreds of your websites at once. The days of website plug-ins are over, with this cloud based franchise opportunity all of the plug-ins are integrated into one system, however they are not plug-ins, the system is a modular content Management System.

From the main website control panel view of the website management Control Panel you have the option to search with predictive text, add a new website, add new website without a domain name, view all sites (100 per page), view websites that are in your accounting system, or view websites that are not paying yet. The category columns of the software include; website name, website domain name, website creation date, website active or inactive, or business. From the control panel you have the option to view any website or copy one of your websites to a new domain name. From the control panel view there are also options to sort. Your team can sort by name, sort by creation date, sort by active or inactive, or sort by business name.

Create a website

Once you create a website you have the ability to edit site info, website clients, published details, and accounting payments. For the features and additions to the website you are creating, with one click of a button you have the ability to add an image gallery, video gallery, dynamic event calendar, integrated blog platform, custom e-commerce shopping cart, custom landing pages, or even a full-blown directory website. If you would like to run different IP addresses to many different websites then simply select which IP address you would like that domain name on from a drop down menu and you are done.

Cloud Based Franchise Website Control Panel Features

Website Settings: In our robust proprietary platform under website settings the following options are as follows: domain name, creation date and time, site live checkbox, site title, description, keywords, template options, newsletter sign up option, newsletter title, show middle menu item, footer nav divider, Google analytics, Google map key, Google map longitude, Google map latitude, and a fav icon. There is also a custom cascading style script builder which allows for every aspect of CSS, including background, margin, padding, size, font, border, and more. With integrated Google web fonts, you can insert an unlimited number of Google font styles for all header tags as well as website copy.
Website Business Information: Website business information contains all the standard details of the business including name, street, city, State, zip, phone, fax, email, site, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube, which is all automatically integrated into the contact page of the associated website or domain name.
Email Settings: Email settings allow you to associate a specific email you would like in the website for all contact through contact forms and custom built contact forms. You can also create an unlimited number of email accounts associated with that business. On each email account you can see username, status, and creation date, email limit, and email usage.
Site Map Uploader: Upload a site map with one click of a button
Advanced Template Builder: With a custom designed modular advanced template website builder you have the flexability to programm any style of website you can imagine. With one click of a button your team can insert a main content section, top menu, bottom menu, left menu, right menu, registered users section, image rotators, newsletter sign up, custom variables, images, and more!
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